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Hypothesis 1: Child Performance Measurements Improve under KC and Sleepathon: A Quantitative, Longitudinal (22-Year) Study of Ugandan Underprivileged Children

KC: Kado Chiro is a workout program designed by Christopher Ekakoro, MBA. 

Sleepathon: A collection of 5 sleep enhancement equipment. It helps limit snoring, and provides better sleep experience. The sampled children will live in the orphanage - feeding, learning, and training during the study. The quasi-experiment will measure - health, education, athleticism, psychological states, and emotional balance - among others 

Hypothesis 2: Sleepathon and KC Slow or Reverse the Ageing Process: A Quantitative Study of Uganda Cement Industry - UCI Laborers

Sample size: 22 UCI employees; Equipment: KC video, and Sleepathon kit - a collection of 5 sleep enhancement products; Video recorder to document sleep experience for 22 days before and 22 days after start of KC and Sleepathon; comprehensive physical exam before and after; and focus group meetings for participants to narrate and record experiences 


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Hypothesis 3: KC and Sleepathon Provide Health and Psychosocial Benefits to Americans: A Longitudinal (22-year) Quasi-Experimental Study

Qualifying seniors and disabled Veterans: We clean living quarters. KC video and Sleepathon (5 sleep equipment kit) will be placed on a table in the bedroom. Because you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink, it will be the senior's and veteran's choice to apply the equipment. The study findings will depend on responses and experiences as narrated by research participants. Research assistants and volunteers will make arranged visits to collect data and clean homes.

About Cleaning Homes for Seniors and Veterans

1. Seniors by a great proportion suffer from lack of sleep owing to age-related, reduced lung function (, 2018). 

2. In research there is something called Confounds. I (Ekakoro) created all 5 Sleepathon equipment. They work miracles for me. I get uninterrupted, continuous sleep (not even waking up to empty the bladder, something I was accustomed to as a NYC cabbie for 10 long years). In theory, the same  can be expected of seniors’ sleep experience. Instead, confounds (dirty linens, unsanitary bedrooms, and inadequate exercise) can undermine the effectiveness of Sleepathon. The Senior says – that so called Sleepathon did not do.… Kumbe (Swahili for unknown to us) confounds stood between Sleepathon and the Senior’s sleep experience. We want to limit (or eliminate) confounds and leave Sleepathon to stand on its own.


As far as the Ugandan experiment goes - ressearch outcomes don't register as priority. Just recently Uganda's only cancer machine broke down. And as reported in (2016) "Uganda: Mulago Cancer Machine Breaks Down. About 2,000 cancer patients in need of radiotherapy treatment will have to wait about two years for treatment" (p. Headline). Why am I saying this. The outcome of this investigation will be for American consumption. As much as possible, we need to create American conditions (USDA Nutritional guidelines) and study these children in order (for the result) to reflect American standards. Scientists call it Internal Integrity. Nothing wrong with creating a few Pelé-like brothers and sis'

OK Many might wonder - why conduct research over there - why not right here at home - in the Good Old... Well, Sleep Centers of America is just following in the footsteps of Johnson and Johnson and big pharma (generally). Believing AIDS, Zika, and Ebola were all born there, they almost all conduct their research in that small country - UGANDA.

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Sincerely, sleep centers of america, inc.

The World Has Changed - How Did We Get Here?: Research

At the Conclusion of the Study, 3 Things Will be Evident

1. KC and Sleepathon improve the sleep experience for a majority of users

2. Owing to good sleep, students register improvements in education, athleticism, and psychosocial markers

3. Research participants exhibit improved skin health due to reverse ageing


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