Why Sleep Centers of America?

Seniors, Disabled Veterans - We may not provide nursing home (as in super clean) living conditions, but we shall make a different in your sleep experience. Please call (301) 579 - 5222

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THE GOAL IS TO MAKE sickness  A CHOICE  not an accident 

(caeteris paribus)

There Are Two Kinds of Sleep: 

1. Sleep Perse 

2. Effective Sleep 

This Study Provides the opportunity to hypothesize effective sleep helps the body recover from tear and wear, while also protecting the body from pathogens. Initially, effective sleep resulted from implementation of Sleepathon (sleep equipment invented by Dr. Christopher O Ekakoro, PhD) and Kasugu-411 workout program designed by the same author.

In a case study, the combination of sleepathon and Kado-Chiro protected the subject from flu, diabetes, HBP, psycho-social issues,  and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE - while also providing weight management benefits.

As My Grandfather (Cypriano "Oriano" Okidon) always liked to sing for us: Tomorrow Otieko Tundo, Machako Kwara Wacho - Adhola translated - 


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